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Wireless Micro cctv Camera Video Surveillance System

Reduced from £89.99  
  • Easy to install micro size wireless colour camera
  • Features a pinhole lens and in-built audio microphone
  • Ideal for hidden surveillance applications
  • The audio / video receiver simply connects to your TV / VCR to view/record the camera signal.
  • Camera can be powered either by a mains power adaptor (included) or by a 9 Volt battery (for short-term, completely wireless video transmission)
Wireless Micro Camera Video Surveillance System
Price: £84.99
Delivery: £35.95      view delivery charges
Delivery Time: 3/4 Days
Total: £120.94


Wireless Micro Camera Video Surveillance System

  • Pinhole camera lens for hidden video surveillance
  • Receiver simply connects to an AV input on your TV / VCR
  • Inbuilt microphone for combined audio monitoring
  • Includes AC power adaptor for continuous camera operation plus a 9 Volt battery for optional short-term completely wireless 'Place and View' camera transmission
  • Long distance operation range up to 100m (line of sight)
Wireless Micro Camera Video Surveillance System: Delivery Charges
1 unit: £35.95
2 units: £6.95
3 units: £7.95
4 units: £8.95
5 units: £9.95
6 units: £11.95
7 units: £13.95
8 units: £15.95