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Metal Garden Sheds

Great deals on secure metal garden sheds

We recommend Asgard metal sheds for the following security features:-

  • Asgard Metal Garden Sheds are made of HEAVY 18 – 20 gauge steel.
  • Asgard sheds have a full metal base as standard – for maximum security.
  • Asgard Sheds are BOLTED to the floor.
  • All bolts & fastenings are inside the shed making them tamper-proof.
  • All sheds carry a 10 year warranty.

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Asgard Centurion metal shed 5x7
Asgard Centurion metal shed 5x7 £1,464 The standard Centurion shed.
Height: 2032mm (6'7")
Width:1580mm (5'2").
Depth: 2240mm (7'4").
£115 off RRP view details
Asgard Gladiator metal shed 7x7
Asgard Gladiator metal shed 7x7 £1,795 Big, solid shed. .
Width: 2260mm (7'4")
Depth: 2240mm (7' 4")
Height: 2072mm (6' 8")
£223 off RRP view details

Why do you need a metal shed?

  • The latest Home Office statistics reveal that despite overall falling crime rates, thefts from British gardens are actually on the increase, with around 5,000 gardens targeted by thieves every week.
  • This is partly due to the fact that the garden contents, such as barbecues, furniture, electrical tools and machinery have become more sophisticated/expensive, and also the fact that the garden shed is increasingly used as the overspill storage area for more expensive items, such as golf clubs, bikes etc
  • The garden shed is also a key source for tools and ladders, allowing burglars easy access into your home.
  • The installation of a Metal Shed may well reduce your Insurance