Walls And Fences

keeping your property's perimeter secure

  • Property stored in sheds and outbuildings is potentially at risk from thieves.
  • Most thefts of this type are crimes of opportunity.
  • If you make life difficult for a thief, it is likely they will move on to an easier target.
  • Don't let Tommy T Leaf get away with it - protect your property today.

Tommy T-Leaf Loves

  • Unrestricted access
  • Easy escape routes
  • Skulking round in the dark

Tommy T-Leaf Hates

  • Spikes on top of walls and gates
  • Boundary lighting
  • Electric wall top fencing
  • Hostile planting along tops of walls and fences (see planting protection)
  • Thorny hedges
  • Boundary protection systems


If you have any information about garden crime, you can call anonymously on this freephone number:

0800 555 111

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Walls & Fences security products:

Secure Sight Sorry - no longer available. See Guardcam instead under CCTV.
Secure Sight £79.99 The VL1 is an alternative to CCTV that delivers better quality recordings with higher resolution digital image capture. Quick and easy to install, simple to operate and great value for money. Floodlight and CCTV in one.
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Gardien Recommends:

  • Install good quality, robust fencing with concrete posts or metal fixings.
  • Make sure that fencing panels are secure and non-removable.
  • Using "Razor Spike" on walls or fences which are over 2m. high.
  • Security lighting. Thieves hate them, whether, Motion-Activated or Dusk-to-Dawn. Check out our range of garden security lighting.
  • If you have a persistant problem with vandals or intruders in your garden, capture them on a garden cctv.

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