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sheds and outbuildings security advice

secure your sheds and outbuildings today

  • Property stored in sheds and outbuildings is potentially at risk from thieves.
  • Most thefts of this type are crimes of opportunity.
  • If you make life difficult for a thief, it is likely they will move on to an easier target.
  • Don't let Tommy T Leaf get away with it - protect your property today.

Tommy T-Leaf Loves

  • Tools and ladders left in the open - all the better to burgle your house!
  • Insecure sheds
  • Stealing garden machinery, golf bags, power tools, fishing tackle and mountain bikes etc
  • Unprotected up-and-over garage doors

Tommy T-Leaf Hates

  • Approved security products (e.g. Secured by Design, Sold Secure, ACPO Approved etc)
  • Secure locks and bolts
  • Secure Windows
  • Alarm systems
  • Metal sheds / Storage units
  • Property marked with your postcode etc
  • Anti-climb paint on outbuildings
  • Forensic DNA Retrieval systems


If you have any information about garden crime, you can call anonymously on this freephone number:

0800 555 111

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Recommended security products to protect your sheds and outbuildings:

Asgard Gladiator large metal garden shed 7x7 £152 off RRP.
Asgard Gladiator large metal garden shed 7x7 £1,721.00 The ultimate outdoor metal shed provides multi use outdoor storage for big items.
width: 2260mm (7'4")
depth: 2240mm (7' 4")
height: 2072mm (6' 8")
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Shed alarm and Padlock in One Sorry - temporarily out of stock.
Shed alarm and Padlock in One £24.99 The dual purpose padlock and alarm has both movement and shock sensors and if either is triggered the siren will sound. 110db Siren, attack and muffle proof.
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Shed and Garage Burglar Alarm New improved model at a reduced price.
Shed and Garage Burglar Alarm £24.99 This burglar alarm product offers protection for sheds and garages and caravans, simple to fit and comes complete with mounting bracket for door/window and batteries etc. When activated, emits a 130 decibel alarm.
view details

Gardien Recommends:

  • Fit British or European Standard rated padlock & hasp on sheds.
  • Use coach bolts and non-return screws on any external hinges.
  • Use 5-lever mortice locks on outbuildings.
  • Metal sheds are the best option to protect your posessions - if you want to secure a wooden shed, check out our range of garden alarms, security lighting and locks & bolts
  • Strengthen your shed with Perspex / Polycarbonate sheets, or wired glass in windows.
  • Where possible fit Grilles/Shutters/Heavy wire mesh on shed windows.
  • Replace thin timber shed battens with strong timber or steel.
  • Investigate the possibility of a wired or wireless alarm connected to your home alarm system.
  • Ladders, bicycles, mowers etc should be anchored by a chain and padlock
  • Use hostile planting around drainpipes & below windows: click here for more information

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