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Pressure Mat Burglar Alarm

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  • Pressure-activated door mat burglar alarm
  • Pressure mat size = size 56 x 36cm
  • Simple but effective and discrete method of adding security to your shed, outbuilding or home.
  • Place under a doormat or carpet and when trodden on will activate either an alarm or chime sound.
  • The pressure mat and alarm is connected with a 15m thin cable which can be extended if required.
  • The alarm is supplied with a 9V battery.
Pressure Mat / Door Mat Burglar Alarm
Price: £19.99
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Delivery Time: 3/4 Days
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Pressure Mat / Door Mat Burglar Alarm

  • Easy to install in under 10 mins
  • Great value for money
  • Alarm or chime settings
  • Can be used in your home, office shop etc
  •  If the alarm mode is selected the siren will sound for approximately 20 seconds and then re-set itself.
  • If the chime mode is selected it will sound twice.
Pressure Mat / Door Mat Burglar Alarm: Delivery Charges
1 unit: £4.95
2 units: £5.95
3 units: £6.95
4 units: £7.95
5 units: £9.95
6 units: £11.95
7 units: £13.95
8 units: £15.95