Securing Your Outdoor Items

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  • Consider installing a Garden Security CCTV system to safeguard your outdoor items.
  • Metal garden sheds are an effective way of keeping your outdoor items safe, we sell a range of sizes.
  • Security lighting, including motion-activated, dusk to dawn, etc. Garden security lighting
  • Ensure that hose reels are firmly attached to the wall.
  • Fit anchor points for securing moveable items (ladders, barbecues, boats, caravans etc.)
  • Chain together items of garden furniture, especially during the winter months.
  • Fit simple locking brackets to hanging baskets.
  • Don't let Tommy T Leaf get away with it - protect your property today.

Tommy T-Leaf Loves

  • Unsecured items left outside, e.g. barbecues, garden furniture, patio heaters, pond accessories, pool equipment
  • Removeable / resaleable plants
  • Expensive fish
  • Power boats, caravans and quad bikes etc.

Tommy T-Leaf Hates

  • Lighting
  • CCTV systems
  • Security marked property
  • Vigilant neighbours


If you have any information about garden crime, you can call anonymously on this freephone number:

0800 555 111

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Outdoor Items: recommended security products:

Asgard Access metal garden shed 7x4 £94 off RRP.
Asgard Access metal garden shed 7x4 £738.00 6'9" x 3'5" and one of the heaviest and strongest metal sheds on the market. Made of thick, galvanised metal and secured by a twin external locking system and an internal steel drop bar for extra security. The Asgard Access metal garden shed includes an array of security and anti-theft features, making it a great all round garden shed.
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Asgard Addition metal garden shed 6x3 £88 off RRP.
Asgard Addition metal garden shed 6x3 £695.00 6' x 3' approx with max ht 4'9", the Asgard Addition metal garden shed is an exceptionally secure and versatile storage unit providing excellent weather proof protection for your gardening equipment. Large double door for easy access. Features an array of security features that make it the best option for securing your garden equipment.
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Asgard Centurion metal bike shed 5x7 £87 off RRP.
Asgard Centurion metal bike shed 5x7 £1,492.00 Width1580mm (5'2").
Depth2240mm (7'4").
Storage Capacity:7.52 cu.m.
Weight: 255 kg.
A large metal shed providing multi use outdoor storage for all your bikes and bike equipment.
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