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Garden Antiques and Statuary

secure your valuable garden contents today

  • You should never underestimate the capability of the professional thief - size and weight are not necessarily deterrents!
  • Do not automatically assume that workers wearing day-glow donkey jackets are on official business. The greater the value of your garden contents, the greater the risk that Tommy T-Leaf will take. Be vigilant. If in doubt call the Police or notify Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111 
  • Make sure that your property never looks uninhabited. If neighbours are on holiday, be vigilant on their behalf.

Tommy T-Leaf Loves

  • Expensive garden items irrespective of size and weight
  • Easy access and exit for large / heavy items and his / her vehicle

Tommy T-Leaf Hates

  • Monitored CCTV systems
  • Property marking and warning signs thereof
  • Physically secured items
  • Gravel paths and steps (difficult to manoeuvre heavy objects)


If you have any information about garden crime, you can call anonymously on this freephone number:

0800 555 111

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Recommended security products to protect your garden antques and statues etc.:

Asgard Bike Locker Superb value for money offer - Saving £28 off RRP. .
Asgard Bike Locker £666.00 6'3" x 2'11" and 3'11" high. The bike locker is perfect for securing your bikes outside. Its compact design makes it suitable for areas where space is restricted.
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Asgard Centurion large metal shed 5x7 £87 off RRP.
Asgard Centurion large metal shed 5x7 £1,492.00 Width1580mm (5'2").
Depth2240mm (7'4").
Storage Capacity:7.52 cu.m.
Weight: 255 kg.
A large metal secure shed.
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Asgard Centurion Plus 1 large metal shed 5x11 A Massive £240 off RRP.
Asgard Centurion Plus 1 large metal shed 5x11 £1,839.00 Height: 2032 mm (6' 8"), Width: 1524 mm (5' 0"), Depth: 3317 mm (10' 9"), Min Base: 1730 x 3785 mm, Storage Capacity: 11.28 cu.m. , Weight: 350 kg
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Gardien Recommends:

  • To safeguard expensive garden items it is even more important that consideration is given to the overall recommendations outlined in: Walls & Fences walls and fences security Gates & Access
  • Try to ensure that valuable items are not easily visible to the casual passer-by
  • Wherever possible, use a fixing technique to secure valuable items. These can vary depending upon the item and the location. For example:-
    a) Permanent Items, such as Troughs, Birdbaths, Sundials Statuary etc. should be fixed on a solid base using a strong adhesive, such as epoxy patching mortar – available at most builders merchants.
    b) Moveable items, such as Benches, Barbecues, Garden Furniture etc should (when not in use), be chained to permanent ground anchors.
  • Asset Tags which may be suitable for protecting certain items, especially when the tags can be installed unobtrusively.
  • Consider installing a Garden Security CCTV system to secure your valuable garden items - it is a real deterrent, and will capture any individuals trespassing near your garden antiques.

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