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Security Entrance Light

This product is not currently available  
  • Security entrance light with added chime alert
  • PIR sensor in light detects when somebody is at your door
  • Light comes on at night when sensor is activated
  • Chime sounds in house day or night when sensor is activated
  • Light sends wireless message to battery operated chime unit in your house - 50m range!
  • Easy to install - only maintenance required is changing the battery!
Security Entrance Light With Chime
Price: £44.99
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Entrance light PIR and chime alert available today
  • Chime unit has adjustable volume
  • Up to 50m range from light to chime unit
  • Wireless chime unit
  • Attractive light with concealed PIR and light sensors for a low price
Security Entrance Light : Delivery Charges
1 unit: £4.95
2 units: £5.95
3 units: £6.95
4 units: £7.95
5 units: £9.95
6 units: £11.95
7 units: £13.95
8 units: £15.95