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Rechargeable Power Cut Torch

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  • Powerful LED torch automatically lights in power cut and can be used as a torch.
  • As seen on BBCs Dragons Den
  • Re-chargeable internal battery.
  • In power cut, torch automatically lights up and can be detatched form base station and used as a torch.
  • 3 high power eco friendly LED bulbs.
  • Lasts up to 4 hours.
  • No scrabbling around in drawers or falling on the stairs in the dark in a power cut.
  • Can be used as a night light (see below)
  • Should be used by landlords / owners of Letting Accommodation. (see below)
Rechargeable Power Cut Torch
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Also Functions As A Night Light

  • Also works as a super-economical Night Light.
  • Built in sensor turns on one LED when dark, gently illuminating your stairs, hallway, landing or bedroom.
  • Consuming less than 0.5watt of power.
  • Is the ONLY product of its type to comply with the energy efficiency guideline 'ErP Eco Design Directive 2013'.
  • Costs less than 30p per year to have night light on 24/7.

Landlords / Owners Of Letting Accommodation

Owners of letting accommodation (any building where people pay to sleep) must comply with the 'Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005' that includes the provision of Emergency Lighting.

" may be acceptable, in small premises, to rely on rechargeable torches which come on automatically if the main supply fails. You should have one in each room with a sign that says what they are for"

HM Government Guidance Booklet (p15)

This product could help you fulfil your obligations as a letting landlord.

power cut torch plugged in

removablepower cut torch

Rechargeable Power Cut Torch : Delivery Charges
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