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LED Floodlight And CCTV Recorder

  • Eco friendly LED floodlight.
  • 8 super powerful ultra bright white LEDs with a combined 1000 lumen output.
  • Built in CCTV camera to capture whoever or whatever has triggered it.
  • 2GB memory card as standard can be upgraded to a 32GB memory card.
  • Can hold up to 60,000 images or 750 20second video clips.
LED floodlight and CCTV recorder
Price: £139.99
Delivery: £4.95      view delivery charges
Delivery Time: 2 days
Total: £144.94


  • High quality images or video footage stored on automatic overwrite facility to ensure only the most current selection of images and video footage are stored
  •  Can be configured to emit a audable message to the intruder like "You are being Recorded" or "Warning CCTV in Operation" - record your own message
  • With timer settings and daylight mode
  • Completely customisable to help secure your property.
LED Floodlight And CCTV Recorder : Delivery Charges
1 unit: £4.95
2 units: £5.95
3 units: £6.95
4 units: £7.95
5 units: £9.95
6 units: £11.95
7 units: £13.95
8 units: £15.95