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Asgard Bike Locker

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Asgard Bike Locker from Gardien | garden security
Price: £666.00
Colour:  asgard colours
Delivery: £0   free delivery
Include Assembly:  (not included)
260.00  per shed)
Whether you select assembly, or you choose to assemble the shed yourself, a level, firm surface will be required.
Please see details at the bottom of this page.
Total: £
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Free UK mainland delivery.
  • The bike locker is perfect for securing your bikes outside.
  • Its compact design makes it suitable for areas where space is restricted.
  • The locker is accessed from the end - width is only 900mm (2ft 3")
  • Includes 2 kit hooks for hanging helmets / clothes
  • As used by North Yorkshire Police.
  • Ideal down the side of a house or flat.
  • Shed dimensions to the right of this page.
  • Many accessories available with this shed.


Shed Dimensions / Delivery

Delivery Time6-7 weeks
Height 1200mm (3'11")
Depth1900mm (6'3")
Width900mm (2'11")
Metal Thickness20 gauge
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Ground Anchor Pack
Price: £79.00
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Ground Anchor Pack
This Sold Secure Silver bike lock and ground anchor has a thick 1.5 metre long thick chain threads through a ground fixed anchor point in the base of your unit. You will require a minimum 100mm depth of concrete, and you will need to drill through the metal base, which will invalidate your warranty. Once the panel has been drilled through, use a rust inhibitor to re-seal the steel. Asgard do not fit the Ground Anchor during installation of our storage units.
Steel Eyelets
Price: £19.00
[add the shed to your cart above before adding accessories]
Steel Eyelets
Fix in pre-drilled areas around the shed - ceiling and walls, handy securing points to hang up or hold your tools and equipment, or even lock items to the unit inside for even more security.

Need A Bigger Shed?

We have a range of large steel sheds - please click here to view the comparison table: Big Shed Comparison Table

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Big Shed Comparison Table

  Centurion Gladiator
Centurion Centurion Super Centurion Maxi Gladiator Gladiator Super Gladiator Maxi
Height to Ridge 2032mm (6'8") 2032mm (6'8") 2032mm (6'8") 2072mm (6' 8") 2072mm (6' 8") 2072mm (6' 8")
Height to Eaves 1829mm (6'0") 1829mm (6'0") 1829mm (6'0") 2260mm (7' 4") 2260mm (7' 4") 2260mm (7' 4")
Width 1524mm (5'0") 1524mm (5'0") 1524mm (5'0") 2260mm (7' 4") 2260mm (7' 4") 2260mm (7' 4")
Depth 2225mm (7'3" ) 3317mm (10'10" ) 4409mm (14'6" ) 2225mm (7' 3") 3317mm (10ft 10") 4409mm (14' 5")
Min area for assembly 1730mm (5' 9") x 2635 mm (7' 8")
1730mm (5' 9") x 3785 mm (12' 5") 1730mm (5' 9") x 4935 mm (16' 2") 2410mm (7' 11") x 2640 mm (8' 8") 2410mm (7' 11") x 3790 mm (12' 5") 2410mm (7' 11") x 4940 mm (16' 2")
Cubic Capacity 7.52 cu m 11.28 cu m 15.04 cu m 9.11 cu m 13.6 cu m 18.09 cu m
Metal Thickness 18 gauge 18 gauge 18 gauge 18 gauge 18 gauge 18 gauge
Weight: 255kg 350kg 445kg 327kg 432kg 537kg
View Shed view shed view shed view shed view shed view shed view shed

Please note - all non-metric measurements are approximate.

Benefits Of the Asgard Bike Locker ?

  • May reduce your bike insurance
  • Integral metal base for extra security
  • Suitable for an adult or child bike.
  • Integral wheel guide for holding your bike upright also doubles as an additional anchor point
  • Weight: 99kg (over 15 stone)
  • A large single end door makes it easy to wheel your bike in and out integral wheel guide
  • Fitted with a strong hasp to secure the door - suitable for your own padlock (padlock not included)
  • A ventilation system minimizes condensation
  • Door handing can be changed by the user to suit your location (right or left handed door opening can be selected above)
  • Multiple units bolt together for additional strength and security
  • This unit is pre drilled to accept additional hook packs
  • Can be bolted down to the ground using the supplied securing bolts.
  • Fitted with a hasp suitable for padlocks
  • The bike locker would be ideal for multi person or public use
  • "I have three of these for my student flats. These are perfect. My tennants have their own padlocks so they can share the lockers. Of course with no keys for me to replace this is perfect"


Please note that before assembly can take place a level, firm surface will be required: you may already have this available (e.g. concrete, tarmac, patio), but if not, laying concrete or slabs about 50mm/2” thick before assembly would be ideal.