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Shed Maxi Shackle

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  • The Pragmasis Maxi Shackle is a new type of security anchor intended for awkward situations, such as blockwork walls, gate posts and several other places where an anchor is needed but a concrete floor anchor is not an option.
  • The Maxi Shackle is a halfway house between a normal ground anchor and our Shed Shackle. It provides a larger, more spread out, fitting area in comparison with a conventional anchor, but not as large as the Shed Shackle that is intended to fit to the wooden wall of a shed.
  • The Maxi Shackle is Sold Secure approved and made of hardened steel with a zinc pretreatment and powder coated finish. It is coloured bright red to be obvious to a prospective thief.
the Pragmasis maxi shackle
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Shed Maxi Shaclke

In general, the Maxi Shackle will not be as secure as a conventional ground anchor, fitted to a good concrete floor. The Maxi Shackle is aimed at those situations where a concrete floor is not available or not appropriate/convenient.

The Maxi Shackle is commonly used in conjunction with a chain & lock for securing bicycles and horse tack to the wall in a garage, for securing field gates for horse owners (preventing the gate being lifted off its posts without needing it to be welded in place), and for many other awkward security requirements.

The Maxi Shackle is available with a choice of fitting kits:

  • Concrete Block Wall using Liebig Safety Bolts (as shown to the right, here);
  • Steel allthread studs, for fitting to round steel gateposts and similar, where there is access to both sides of the post;
  • Chemical resin capsules, for fitting to items that are too large or too awkward to drill right through and where the Liebig bolts would not be suitable (e.g. large wooden gate posts).
Maxi Shackle Features:
  • Ideal for securing medium to high value bicycles and landscaping/gardening equipment
  • Ideal for equestrian applications - Combat the growing threat of horse theft and tack theft!
  • Designed for easy DIY installation
  • Uses a wide fitting to cover a large area of the wall/post/etc
  • Hardened steel and welded construction
  • Difficult and noisy to attack - Deters thieves
  • Big enough to take heavy duty chains as well as U-locks and cable locks - The opening measures more than 50mm x 50mm (the sloping sides are a minimum of 50mm apart, widening to beyond 80mm)
  • Sold Secure Approved
  • British design and manufacture - Support British industry!
  • Fitting kit includes all parts required
  • About 30 minutes to fit - Easy-to-follow and thoroughly illustrated instructions are included.
Shed Maxi Shackle: Delivery Charges
1 unit: £7.50
2 units: £12.50
3 units: £15.00
4 units: £17.50
5 units: £20.00
6 units: £22.50
7 units: £25.00
8 units: £27.50
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